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In the world of online gambling everything is not always what it seems. The largest bonus does not necessarily present the best opportunity for the player.
Here you can find 10 online casinos that have rated as the best, most professional trustworthy that you could possibly use.
Online Casino Review offers reliable information and detailed reviews on the most trusted online casinos.
Here you will find a great selection of online gambling sites that offer excellent bonus packages and a wide array of games to choose from, not to mention the rewarding loyalty programs you can join once you've registered.

The online casinos and poker rooms featured on our website are established and fully licensed - a guarantee of fairness, great customer support, and fast payouts.

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Advantages of Online Casinos    
The online casinos presented in our top-5 listing are legally incorporated entities that are certified and monitored for fairness, honesty and reliability. We provide detailed information on the casino software used by each casino operator and rate the quality of the customer support department.

OCR is updated on a regular basis to make sure that the information we provide is timely and accurate. Our last update was made on February 3rd 2011.

Online casinos have already taken a pretty good share of the gambling market, and their share of the market is growing every day. Why? There are many reasons for a gambler to choose an online casino. You can pick almost instantly from thousands of casinos and ten thousands of games.

Games have nice interfaces, are user friendly and often have great features that help you with your playing. You could say that you feel like you are right there in a casino. And you can play any game any time.

Also, online casinos give you the opportunity to endlessly play free online casino games in case you are not familiar with them. This way you risk no money before even knowing the rules.

You can use the sign up and deposit bonuses at first, and when you feel confident enough you go and play for money. In a real casino you wouldn't have the chance to practice your favorite game and you wouldn't get any money just for entering their hall. Online casinos are competing against each other in offering their future guests attractive deals.

However, if something seems to be too beautiful to be true it should be a sign of warning, maybe a rip-off site. When choosing an online casino you should check if it is listed on a black list or on the contrary in a top of respected and trusted online casinos.

There are two types of games in regard of programming: Java/Flash games and downloadable software. Java/Flash gives you the possibility of playing right the way.

Downloadable software offers however better sound and graphics. Most casinos with downloadable software also offer a free CD version. After the software installation you need to register and you have to make a deposit through a credit card. It varies from site to site.
General rules of Online Casinos    
As far as the general rules on a casino, there are two big lines that are followed: European rules and U.S. rules.

You can sign up to sites of which rules you find most convenient. Apart from the advantages mention earlier you could also be a randomly picked guest that receive money in his/her account. General rules are less restrictive than in physical casinos. You do not have to go to a casino, thousands will come to you. The best online casino is in your own home.
Also you do not have to put up with real casino annoyances, like smokers, annoying card dealers, etc. You don't have to tip. As you can see there is a pretty important bright side of things but there are also some downsides. You have to wait pretty much for your money after you cash out. Customer service can lack consistency.

Some casinos offer great service via e-mail and a toll-free number. In case of a disagreement you have no power and there is no authority to turn to and the player agreement says that the casino can change the rules without notification to the guest, and this way the casino is most likely to win any dispute that might arise.

Also there is a fear for mishandling of your personal data, stealing from your credit card by the casino staff or outsiders etc. If you put everything in balance you could say that the advantages and the disadvantages are pretty similar in importance.

Still, I think you should give it a try especially, because you can always play for free and it can be thrilling and exciting.

If you are going to play for money at least you know what it involves.

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